Mrs. Jordan Allison (ladyghost316) wrote in the_institution,
Mrs. Jordan Allison

Lesson of the day boys and girls:

It's better a juicy living cock socket than a shriveled up dead bitter warted up old cock socket. As a matter of fact I feel the depletion of energy coming on right now. I really need my appliances to be plugged into me as soon as possible so I can feel the surge of electricity going through my bones once again. So excuse me while I go fuck myself with my collection of vibrators, then continue to fuck my collection of married men, underage boys, and just plain out single horny guys.

That's right baby, I'm crawling with STDS and it's my goal to spread them to at least 20% of the population before this year is over. So keep your legs closed tight, colder than the blistering alaskan winter, keep your doors locked at night, and keep on living in your delusional little world because I may be in a city near you!

Peace out
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I know I am not a part of your community, but I am posting here on behalf of my friend to let you know that user ladyghost316 is stalking and harrassing her. You would only have to visit her friends' page ( ) to see that ladyghost is making these obnoxious posts in many of the communities my friend belongs to. You would be right to consider deleting the entry altogether and blocking the harrassing user. Thank you.