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Need to find a place.

Although that particular subject title could come across a little ambiguous. A place in the world? Online? For a holiday?

I need somewhere to write. Somewhere I can connect with people, most particularly when I've made my real world so itsy-bitsy-tiny-microscopic that it's just me and him. Otherwise we're alone.

I'm new. I'm not really new at all. I've known about Livejournal for many years and had a previous account. I made this one specifically so I could start branching out in the only way I know how. Online. I guess because you can't see my face, and I can hide behind any name. I don't do social interaction very well - I can fake it to the maximum, but inside I'm crawling out of my skin to run to the safety of somewhere completely abandoned and very lovely and empty.

I really hope this is a good place for me. Somewhere I can talk to people. People that have been there, seen it, lived it, know it. Can e-slap me back into reality and tell me to get over my whining ass. Or remind me that whatever I'm going through, somebody else just had it much worse. Better yet, maybe I can just share my misery.

I'm doing the rambling thing again. That happens a lot. This is supposed to be my first post and... dammit, I'm still typing.

This is where I ask you not to reject me on face value.

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