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Dear can no longer harbour the killer within me. I need to contain it or I must kill someone or something... there are no small animals in sight so...people will do...but I am supossed to save serial killing until I'm done being a minor so when I do I'll be able to have the death penalty and can escape life easily. My appointment with Ellen,my therapist isn't for another 3 days. I can't take it...but if I kill someone I'll have to spend my life in jail...oh how I wish to take a scalpel to a persons throat and watch as the life flows out of them. To disembowel someone and watch thier suffering and see the fear reflected in thier eyes...I no longer wish to harbour this demon for I am a slave to its wishes and am no longer in control of my life...I must wait this out for at least three days. Does anyone know how to calm an inner conflict? Please,I need someones help.
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